Fall In LOVE With Your Backyard Again!

Hollywood Pools and Spas will create your backyard paradise. Whether you want a simple touch-up or a complete renovation, we have what it takes to make the process quick, easy and affordable. Hollywood Pools and Spas will guide and assist you in choosing the best remodeling plan for your situation.

Think about these items below, maybe some of them have been in your mind for a while and now’s the time to have a call to action with Hollywood Pools and Spas.

  1. Remove an unsightly ladder and install a swim-out.
  2. Change your pool’s interior to a beautiful, durable pebble finish.
  3. Add a beautiful spa to your pool. It can be built completely in-ground, or you can raise it up a little for a dramatic spillover effect.
  4.  Install automated controls that will allow you to operate all of the pool and spa functions from inside the house or even from your computer at work or better yet right from your cell phone or tablet.
  5. Install new waterline tile introducing bright colors or an updated pattern.
  6. Install an outdoor kitchen or Tiki bar to enhance and compliment your poolside lifestyle
  7. Replace the original coping edge with a modern material such as bullnose brick or tumbled marble.
  8. Add a beach access to your pool or a new sun shelf.
  9. Reshape your pool or modify the depth to suit your needs.
  10. Add a swim-up bar just like you enjoyed at your favorite vacation get away.
  11. Put a piece of nature in your backyard with a flowing waterfall cascading into your pool.
  12. Modernize the equipment with energy efficient pumps, filters and state of the art water purification technology.
  13. Update or refresh your landscaping to compliment your project.
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