Upgrade Your Pool or Spa with our Premium Features Including Waterfalls, Wet Bars or Salt Generators

A basic swimming pool is a wonderful way to escape the summer heat, but upgraded features will transform your pool into a backyard paradise that reflects your family’s unique outdoor style. Hollywood Pools and Spas offers a wide range of unique and innovative features for your swimming pool. Pool options are available from quality manufacturers and are designed to complement your backyard environment and provide years of reliable service.

Popular Pool Features

Existing pool owners are encouraged to bring in pool photos to share with our design professionals. We can make recommendations and show you product samples to help find the appropriate upgrades that match your pool’s style and ambiance. There are many pool features to choose from that will fit virtually any budget.


Waterfalls have become one of the most popular pool accessories. The flow of water over rock outcroppings creates a sense of warmth and tranquility. Some people choose to install two or more waterfalls to increase the dramatic effect. We offer numerous waterfall styles including rock, stone, block, cascade, plunge, fan, horsetail and punch bowl.

Salt Generators

A salt generator is the perfect alternative for those looking to avoid the mess and inconvenience associated with chlorine tablets. Since they are self-regulating and require almost no maintenance, salt generators are very popular upgrades. Chlorine is produced by applying a small electrical charge to the salt molecules, which creates the chlorine your pool needs to keep the water crystal-clear.

Pool Wet Bars

Swim-up wet bars require a great deal of design expertise, and very few pool contractors in Florida have the skill and experience to undertake such a complex project. At Hollywood Pools and Spas, our swim-up bars are custom-designed for each project. We only install the finest quality countertops and tables built to withstand Florida’s extreme heat. Many swim-up bars are accompanied by a barbecue island and kitchen for the ultimate in outdoor relaxation and entertainment.

Vanishing Edges

Vanishing edges provide a dramatic effect that gives your pool a sense of style and elegance. Vanishing or Infinity edge pools are particularly effective if your backyard has a view of the mountains or city lights. Even in conventional backyards, a vanishing edge pool can still present a stunning effect if the water drops into a lower basin.

Swimming Pool Lighting

Modern lighting adds beauty to your pool and extends the amount of time you can spend in the water each day. Lighting options include standard white, multicolored, LED and fiber optics. Lights can be arranged in virtually any configuration to illuminate your pool, water features and backyard landscape.

Complete Pool Features Service

Hollywood Pools and Spas has a complete array of pool options and features designed to give your pool a look of modern elegance while also enhancing its functionality. Call one of our representatives today to learn about the many budget-friendly options and upgrades available for your pool.