Our Pool Design and Building Process

At Hollywood Pools and Spas, we believe quality guarantees satisfaction. We want to be sure that we are a good fit for our customers’ pool installation goals.

Because of this, we start with a free in-home consultation. You’ll receive a project workbook meet with one of our representatives. During that first meeting, we’ll accomplish three things:

  1. Provide unique insight for your project
  2. Determine if we are a good fit for one another
  3. Generate project momentum

Once we’ve covered these things, we’ll begin on the “pathway to fun.” This consists of four steps: conceptualizing your project, creating a timeline and budget, selecting a contractor, and then getting your pool build construction project scheduled.

Conceptualizing Your Pool or Spa Project

We begin conceptualizing your project by determining your primary motivation for considering the project. Our approach is based on if you need repairs, a more functional area, to improve or beautify your home, if you’ve just purchased your home or want to personalize it, or if you’re preparing to sell your home. We also need to know if your motivation comes from lifestyle needs, safety concerns, a desire to increase your property value, or other factors.

We also need to know your goals for the project. Do you need construction to be completed in a specific timeframe, such as for an upcoming event? Would you prefer the work to be spread out in phases, or do you want everything to be done at once? Is your desire to have the highest quality and to use specific brands, or to find the lowest bidder?

Lifestyle and Usage

Although your pool or spa is going to have many uses, it still helps for us to nail down how you generally see yourself using the area. Here are some of the typical uses of a pool or spa area:

  • Cookouts and Barbecues
  • Pool Parties
  • Exercise and Health
  • Lounging and Relaxation
  • Entertaining Friends, Family Members and Co-workers
  • Family Bonding

Depending on how you envision the area being used, we can offer customized options. If you don’t really know for sure, then that’s okay as well! Our spaces are designed to be safe and multi-functional for a wide range of activities.

Picking the Right Contractor

As we said before, we want to be sure we’re the right contractor for your specific needs. That’s why we do such an extensive in-home consultation and analysis — to ensure that we’re a good match. To this end, we’ll walk you through choosing the right contractor, even if you decide to go with someone else.

  • Staff: We start with the staff and explore its characteristics — do you want contractors who are friendly, efficient, creative, good communicators, professional, empowered to make decisions, and reliable?
  • Company: We encourage you to consider factors like size of staff, overhead and location, staffing and customer service, level of involvement from the owner, pricing, willingness to bargain, and more.
  • Crews: We take the time to evaluate and research the crews who will be implementing your pool build construction. These crews stand behind us and our moto of “Quality Guarantees Satisfaction.

When all is said and done, we like to align ourselves only with clients who are a great fit for our company. We can help homeowners, commercial properties and resorts, disaster restoration companies, insurance company clients with structural repair jobs, premium homebuilders and remodelers, and real estate investors.

The process requires both sides to be positive-minded, flexible, and willing to meet at every stage of work. It also requires good communication and a consensus on how payments should happen.

Why We Offer a FREE In-Home Consultation

Why would we offer to help you for free? Clearly, one of our motivations is because you might become a customer. We’re confident in what we do, the quality of the service we provide, and we’re proud to showcase our team. In fact, we’re willing to put our services and process to the test against any other company in the market.

But even more fundamental than those things, we believe the amount of value and goodwill we provide is directly proportionate to the number of clients we’ll attract. This is not a sales pitch in disguise and we don’t use pressure tactics — these methods are not in the Hollywood Pools and Spas DNA.

This is our guarantee, and we proudly stand beside it.