Premium Pool Pump Options Including Pentair

A pool pump is the heart of your swimming pool’s circulation system. It moves water from the pool through the filter and returns it back into the pool. The filter removes dirt, debris and other contaminants. The quantity of water in your pool and the capacity of the piping system determine the size of the pump. Pools with insufficient circulation can create serious water quality issues.

Swimming Pool Pump Operation

The role of the pool pump in maintaining proper circulation is fairly obvious, but how does the equipment actually work?

Water is drawn into the pump through a minimum of two locations including the drain positioned at the bottom of the pool and the skimmer opening at the surface. Larger pools may have more than one drain and skimmer.

The water passes through a line connected to these locations and enters the pump through a separate screened filter cleaner. From there, it flows into the impeller mechanism attached to an electric motor. The impeller spins with enough force to push the water through an effluent line and into the filter canister.

Determining Swimming Pool Pump Size

Swimming pool pumps are rated and sized according to horsepower. The size of your pump should be noted on a label attached to the pump motor. A common misconception in pool pump sizing is that more horsepower results in better performance.

In fact, an oversized pump can place additional stress and wear on other components while raising energy costs. Always consult with a professional contractor like Hollywood Pools and Spas before replacing an old pump with one that is the same size.

Pentair IntelliFlow

Perhaps the most significant improvement in swimming pool technology has been the introduction of variable-speed pool pumps. Pentair has been at the forefront of new product development with the introduction of the IntelliFlo line of pumps.

IntelliFlo pool pumps incorporate variable drive technology, which can reduce overall energy consumption by up to 90 percent. The IntelliFlo features eight separate speeds combined with a programmable clock displayed on an LCD screen. Users can program a variety of runtimes at different speeds to combine the best in cleaning power and energy efficiency.

Every Pentair IntelliFlo pool pump features:

  • Exceptional energy savings up to 90 percent more efficient than single-speed pumps
  • Permanent magnet motors (similar to those used in hybrid vehicles) that provide ultra-quiet operation and longer pump life
  • Eight programmable speed settings and a built-in timer provide unparalleled flexibility and maximum energy savings
  • Quiet operation as low as 45 decibels
  • Compatible with EasyTouch, SunTouch, IntelliTouch and various other brands of spa and pool controls
  • Built-in diagnostics to protect the pump from line blockage and overloads

For Complete Pool Pump Service

A pool pump malfunction can bring all the summer swimming fun to an abrupt stop. The professionals at Hollywood Pools and Spas will help keep your pool sparkling-clean with minimal energy costs. If you live in Pinellas County or Hillsborough County, call us today to learn more about the benefits of a pool pump upgrade.