Complete Remote Control Systems for Pools and Spas

Modern swimming pools provide more pleasure with fewer responsibilities than ever before. Envision coming home to a spa with bubbling jets and warm, clear water. Imagine your pool is virtually self-regulating, and the pump and filtration system run during off-peak hours to conserve energy, lower operating costs, and eliminate the hassle of regular maintenance.

Pool Remote Control Systems

When you install automated controls, many of the unpleasant tasks associated with pool ownership are managed automatically, including pumps, filtration, lights, jets, heaters, chemical feeders and other electrical components paired with the system. It is no wonder that 90 percent of the new pools installed in Sunbelt states include remote control capabilities.

Remote control pool and remote control spa systems communicate wirelessly to manage the majority of your pool’s mechanical functions. Most remote controls are waterproof and provide a large, easy-to-read touchscreen interface. Many controls can be accessed directly from your mobile phone or tablet, which provides useful information such as water temperature, chlorine levels, jet status, lighting and auxiliary system status indicators. Most systems also offer 24-hour monitoring and two-way communication.

Pool Remote Control Features

Advanced pool and spa remote controls provide a cost-effective method for direct management of pool and spa systems. Large user-friendly control panels provide easy-to-navigate menus for full programmability, complete system setup and monitoring. Most system remotes can be configured to control the pool or the spa only, pool/spa in combination, and a salt-chlorine generator.

Typical Features include:

  • Heat pump integration
  • Support for intelligent variable-speed pool pumps
  • Up to eight feature circuits
  • Chemical injector support
  • Logic interface that can be controlled from an Apple or Android device
  • Pool and spa light support
  • One-button access from the command center or remote controllers
  • Operating sequence memorization, valve control, thermostat and clock functions
  • Built-in diagnostics including microprocessor, switches, relay outputs, sensor inputs, communication ports and display verification
  • May integrate with other “smart” outdoor devices featuring the same wireless protocols

The Wireless Remote Advantage

Unlike older automated systems, today’s remote controls use wireless technology, which eliminates the need for hard-wire installation and drilling into walls or patios. Hollywood Pools and Spas has the knowledge and expertise to answer all of your questions and present the best pool and spa remote control options. If you live in Pinellas County or Hillsborough County, we encourage you to explore the many benefits provided by a pool and spa remote control automated system.